Trying to find JC Mathematics tuition? Start by making learning H2 Math interesting and utilize different principles throughout different chapters effortlessly, an experienced home tutor will be able to inspire every student to attain his / her best expectation.

A level H2 Math is not the same as secondary school math because it addresses a broader range and needs much more analytical abilities.

Due to the challenges, most private tutors will target basic principles. Evaluations in the lessons are centered substantially on analysis. Students will be taught the way to strategize methods to solve the problems.

For students studying H2 Mathematics, they need to take their A-Level exam by the end of 2-years of study in local junior college. The Subjects that are examined are Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2) and Higher 3 (H3) levels.

The H2 Math syllabus is designed to build up analytical and logical thinking of pupils. It is to help them to have a much better knowledge of math and its actual life usage in engineering, sciences, and economics.  To get help with this subject, you can get a home tutor at