To be honest, You don’t have to identify the difference between the new and ‘old syllabus.’ in case you are taking the principle of accounting the very first time in Sec 3. The ‘new’ terms will probably be brand new to you regardless of the syllabus. The issue with the so-called ‘new syllabus’ is undoubtedly an over-hyped one. Absolutely nothing is new in the air.


Accounting is actually a principles-based subject matter so when trained making use of the correct methods, mastery is not hard, and also the numbers skills serve you for a long time.

Accounting principles tend to be the common rules that have to be used while preparing financial statements which will be given to individuals outside the corporation.
It contains the fundamental root guidelines and logic, which is, the matching principle, cost principle, revenue recognition principle, full disclosure principle, industry-specific regulatory rules, conservatism, materiality, and consistency.

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