Should You Take ‘Pure Sciences’ or ‘Combined Sciences’?

In Singapore, after Secondary Two, pupils have to settle on their subject mixtures for Secondary 3 and 4. These are the subjects they’re choosing for their GCE ‘O’ Level exam. Pupils then must choose if they wish to take Combined Sciences’ or ‘Pure Sciences’, which is a problem for a lot of pupils. Even though learners chose to take ‘Pure Science’, one more concern will probably be if they should take ‘2 Sciences’ or ‘3 Sciences’.

We encourage pupils to select ‘Pure Sciences’, should they be qualified for choosing this route. Requirements vary in various educational institutions, however, schools are generally reviewing General Grade and marks for Science and Maths. Choosing ‘Pure Sciences’ will benefit a student if he/she desires to do GCE ‘A’ Level (Science Course), following their GCE ‘O’ Level. On the other hand, after Secondary 3, if learners indicated that they can’t handle ‘Pure Sciences’, they’ll be provided an option to switch their subject to ‘Combined Sciences’.

Hence, the issue will be, do you know the differences between ‘Pure Sciences’ and ‘Combined Sciences’? When it comes to content coverage, ‘Pure Sciences’ will take care of about 20% more content when compared with ‘Combined Sciences’.

Because Sciences tend to be experimental in general, pupils should also take on practical in their exam. For ‘Pure Sciences’, pupils are going to take 3 different assessments throughout curriculum periods, as opposed to ‘Combined Sciences’, pupils will need just one examination, generally in mid-October.

After that, the score for ‘Combined Sciences’ is extracted from the 2 Sciences subjects, while the score for ‘Pure Sciences’ is of 1 subject solely.

There are some popular misconceptions that pupils have on different Sciences subjects.

‘Pure Sciences’ are incredibly difficult.
‘Pure Sciences’ is in fact not so hard, particularly for pupils with enthusiasm.

‘Combined Sciences’ are suitable for Lower Capability Students.
‘Combined Sciences’ are provided to learners who aren’t quite strong in science, however, these pupils may have done wonderfully in some other subjects, such as literature, who are not associated with Science. Pupil choosing ‘Combined Sciences’ may also do very well for his or her exams.

For Sec 2 pupils, set a good choice. With regard to Secondary 3 pupils choosing ‘Pure Sciences’, if they should change your subject to ‘Combined Sciences’ usually do not rely on Secondary 3 grades. You can change your subject combination if you aren’t confident. You can find pupils who were unsuccessful in their ‘Pure Science’ in Sec 3 and obtained merit for their GCE ‘O’ exams.

If you are looking for pure or combined science tuition, you may get a private home tutor from your local tuition agencies.